There are some creepy people out there these days and as a parent, you try to protect your kids as much as you can. Thankfully, social media has helped warn us of potential dangers.

UPDATE: There has been an update on this story and apparently what this woman reported on was a "misunderstanding," according to the Times Union.

Social media can either be a dangerous, hurtful place, or it can serve as a network to help people. Is it always true? No, but sometimes it's better to just be aware. Better safe than sorry, isn't that the saying?

I saw a Facebook post trending the other day from a woman named Kerissa Taylor. According to the picture she shared on her page, she took her kids to a local park when she found a man engaging in a lewd act, in public, near her children.


The post itself has been removed from this post as it has also been removed from Facebook.

People in the comments section do make note that it's strange she got a picture of the car when she said she left, how the picture she took of the car and license plate has no one inside of the car, and other examples of how her story comes off a tad suspicious (which is why I'm not directly sharing the picture of the plate, since the accusations are alleged at this point). It's better to know than to not know. I haven't seen any updates on the story but according to comments, the police have been notified.

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