This might need a little explanation, but it's worth it if someone close to you has been the subject of bullying.

So October is Anti-Bullying Awareness Month.  Were you aware? There will be a lot of folks out there promoting this important month (including myself in association with the Sage Colleges Academy for Character Education).
More about that later.  But I'd also like to make you aware of other events as a public service.
Reverse Order
from Reverse Order Website
Here's one of them. They're called Reverse Order. A pop-rock band out of New Jersey, and they call their program the Reverse The Trend: Anti-Bullying Tour.  
They're going to be performing on Sept. 12 at the Hellman School Parsons Center in Albany.
Here's how one school district on Long Island (Islip Terrace District) described the program:

“They performed popular songs to engage students, then individuals shared their stories how they were bullied. They explained how they overcame it. It was a positive upbeat message that the kids absolutely loved. Parents contacted me to tell me how much the kids enjoyed Reverse Order!! Highly recommend them to the entire EISD OR better yet all of Long Island.” Reverse Order was asked to bring their Reverse the Trend Anti-Bulling tour back to the school district.

For more information, you can go right to their website.
And not to be outdone, I have something REALLY big coming up on the same subject, so again, stay tuned.
But more importantly, don't be a bully for God's sakes!

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