It's true. The singer isn't engaged to me or you - unless your name happens to be Eddie Cibrian.The 28 year old Rimes is definitely being cradle robbed by the 37 year old Eddie Cibrian. According to various celebrity gossip publications, the proposal and subsequent acceptance occurred over the holiday weekend. The two met on the set of a Lifetime movie and left their spouses for one another - a situation which sounds like a plot of a Lifetime movie itself. All we need now is the jealous ex husband stalking the new beau, a mother torn between the old guy and the new guy, a gay brother, an alcoholic sister, and an abused individual somewhere along the line too. Ta-da! Lifetime movie!

LeAnn tweets about the engagement and "feels sorry" for the publicist she shares with Natalie Portman, who had plenty of her own news to share this holiday weekend.