Lots of people in and around the Capital Region breaking the law this week, according to the Times Union's Capital Region section.  From embezzling to marijuana production, your neighbor could be accussed of a crime.

In Queensbury, a man got in trouble for threatening a family court judge by calling a local television news station.  57-year old Leonard Bradway, Jr.,  of Warrensburg was charged with making a terroristic threat.  He called Channel 10 to tell them they should be in Judge J. Timothy Breen's courtroom on Thursday because the judge would be "as good as dead."  Not a smart decision on Bradway's part -- the threat could land him a felony conviction.


South of Albany, in the Town of Bethlehem, a man and his girlfriend have been charged with having a personal marijuana growing operation in their home.  Both Joseph Addario, 43, and Holly Kelly, 46, were arrested for growing a range of marijuana plants -- from seedlings to relatively large plants.  Addario and Kelly face multiple drug charges, but Bethlehem "police also found fireworks, a machete, Oxycodone, Darvocet, two shotguns, a .22 caliber riflt and a high capacity magazine for the assault rifle (Times Union)."  Kelly should run while she still can!


Also, just south of Albany in the Town of New Scotland, a woman has been charged with embezzling money from a small construction company she was working for.  44-year old Angela Jordan is accused of stealing over $100,000 from C&K Carpentry, Inc.  She was the record keeper and tried hiding the crime by re-routing bills to her home.  She also bought gift cards at the stores where the company did business.  Jordan is charged with second-degree grand larceny.  She was arrested Wednesday, but posted bail and was released.

It seems that when the economy is bad, so are people's consciences.  Not to say that I support what these people have done or are doing, but there is a lot to be said for the current status our national and even state economy is in and how it effects people and their decisions.  Do you think they go hand and hand?