A woman from Latham will not be going to jail even though she admitted that she admitted that she committed welfare fraud.

Court and Gavel
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While Crystal Swenson was in Albany County Court where she gave a guilty plea for the to a Felony charge of Grand Larceny, Judge Peter Lynch sentenced her to probation instead of a possible three year jail term.

As a civil judgement, the judge did order her to make restitution of about $76,000 dollars, which was about the amount of stolen welfare funds from taxpayers of New York State and Albany County. Because this was considered a civil judgement, Swenson was not threatened with having to do any prison time, and a lien would be mandated on her home by Albany County. Also, her wages would have been garnished, but she is not employed.

She allegedly never told anyone about part of the household income with her husband’s income as a plumber. According to the story from News 10 ABC, in a phone call from the county attorney, he said “that his office would try to make county taxpayers whole”.

For 18 months, the mother of four can not apply for any benefits. although if she reapplied, her children would be eligible.

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