Last week was National Fire Prevention Week, and my family celebrated by taking a tour of the Latham Fire Department during their Fire Prevention Open House on Oct. 11. This year's theme was "Prevent Kitchen Fires," which is a good lesson for children and parents!

The Latham Fire Department is the oldest volunteer fire company serving the town of Colonie. The company was christening a new fire truck the night we were there!

Photo by Bethany

Chief Neil Blanchard invited children and their families from area elementary schools to the open house, so my husband and I packed the kids into the car and headed over. Turner, my 3-year-old loves everything about firefighters!  He's even going to be one for Halloween this year!  He had such a fun time seeing all of the equipment and climbing all over the big trucks!

Photo by Bethany

Captain Bryan Carey explained to us how important it is for children to see firefighters with their equipment so that if a fire happens at their home, they are not scared. Captain Carey told us how the Latham Fire Department takes trucks to area schools to do presentations all the time. I think it's so great for the children to learn about fire safety in such a fun way!

My family and I want to thank the Latham Fire Department for the great open house! It's also important for all of us to send a big thank you out to all of the fabulous volunteer firefighters serving our area!  These brave men and women put countless hours into keeping us safe and sound in the Capital Region!  Thanks for everything you do!

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