Why let such a big Christmas tree go to waste? Last year's Rockefeller tree has been put to good use for a great cause.

So have you ever wondered what happens to the Rockefeller Christmas tree when it is taken down? Well it turns out it is put to a pretty amazing use. According to the New York Post, last year's tree was used to make beams and flooring for 2 upstate New York Habitat For Humanity Homes in Newburgh! The article says it is kind of a 'homecoming' for the tree as it was cut down in nearby Gardiner.

The 2015 is not only part of a great home for the new residents, but at the dedication this weekend they said knowing the tree is part of the structure really adds to the joy of the season.

So not only was the tree recycled and put to good use, it helped out a great charity helping lower income families get into their own homes Wins all around!

The Post says this year's tree will also be recycled into wood beams after it is taken down January 7th.

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