About a month ago a friend of mine turned me on to a new type of nail polish/manicure.  When I first saw her nails, I thought she had just gotten a regular manicure somewhere locally.  Then, she went on to say, "no, I got this special type of gel polish put on that helps my nails grow while preventing them from breaking."  I looked at her confused and then thought she must have gotten acrylic nails.  Nope, that wasn't the case either!  In fact, she got what's called axxium gel lacquer.

There are a couple of different companies that have put out similar products, but the one I have tried is by O.P.I. -- a nail polish company that sells regular bottles of polish right here in the Capital Region (available from certain hair/nail salons to CVS to boutiques such as Circles).  O.P.I.'s axxium gel system is available in a multitude of colors, however; its not available to everyday, paint your own nails, type of persons.  It's the type of product you are better off having an aesthetician apply.


O.P.I offers a range of colors as pictured to the right and there's also the ability to do a french manicure if you so prefer.  The best part, it costs about $35 to have along with a full manicure service -- not much more than a regular manicure, but axxium lasts anywhere from two to three weeks with the exception of regrowth.  I can vouch for this!  I had my nails done for a wedding on a Thursday and my nails lasted until I got my nails done two weeks later on a Friday!  That's involving two weeks of typing on a computer keyboard, brushing horses, mucking stalls, tacking horses, riding horses, and going to the gym.  I was astonished.

Many hair and nail salons offer axxium or a form of the gel lacquer, but I highly recommend the O.P.I. since I have actually tried their gel system.  You won't be disappointed.  Oh, and one more thing!  It dries super fast and there's no wait for your nails to be done.  When they're done, they're done!  And there's no risk of botching them up when you go leave in your car.

If you're dying to try the axxium, my recommendation, check out Shapes & Colours, Wolf Road in Colonie.  Ask for Jennifer!  She's great & tell her Casey sent you!

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