Chrissy and I have been incredibly fortunate to interview some of country music's biggest stars over the years and Kip Moore has consistently been one of our favorites.  Moore is real, honest, authentic, and once you get him in comfortable place he'll literally answer anything you throw out there.  Despite being exhausted -mentally and physically- from a harrowing flight just to get to Albany, he absolutely killed it on-stage at our Secret Star show on Wednesday night and then set aside 25 minutes post-show to talk to us.

We always prefer a long-form type interview with artists that will grant them, and Kip Moore did one with us moments after he got off stage at Albany's Palace Theatre. We decided to break these interviews up into 2 parts. In Part 1, Kip discusses his near-death flying experience on his way to Albany, fatigue from touring too much, and how the expectations from fans and media clash with his introverted ways.  Part 2 will be presented later this week.

We love Kip and we hope you enjoy these interviews as much as we enjoyed being able to present them to you.  We hope to shed some light, and perhaps help you learn something new about the artist you love, but don't know a whole helluva lot about; Kip Moore.

Thank you for watching,

Brian and Chrissy, WGNA

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