Personally, I only use Instagram to post pictures of my life and watch silly videos of dogs but apparently there's a whole new use for it that's trending fast.

Ohio State Police Department are trying to bring awareness to this new trend of buying and selling drugs using the popular social media app, Instagram, News10 reported. The name being used to refer to this accounts is "Finsta accounts" or fake-insta accounts.

The worst part is that these aren't fake Instagram accounts but accounts set up with real email addresses so the police are finding it hard to find which accounts to look out for. You won't know which accounts are fake and which are real because each account selling drugs is private unless the operator allows you to look at them. They're selling drugs like vicotin, marijuana, heroin, acid, cocaine, and more.

Instagram prohibits accounts like this but are also having a problem keeping up with the numbers. The best they're saying now is to keep an eye on any new accounts your kids may be following and to report any account you suspect is spam or illegal.

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