At around 9:15 am on Thursday morning, it was announced that a 95 million dollar winning Powerball ticket was sold in Malta.  I wrote the story up for our station website, but it was actually Chrissy, my co-host  from the morning show who told me.  I don't remember what exactly we were doing at the time, but clearly this news was going to take precedence as she abruptly blurted out,  "Wait...this can't be right!?"

I looked up at her knowing full well that she was going to tell me the rest whether I asked her for more info or not.  "Let me double check this to make sure it's not a scam." she said.  A few moments later, she confirmed it was true.  My exact words were something to the effect of "Holy Sh*t!  Did you say 95 million dollars?"

It's incredible to think that right now, someone in Saratoga County has a piece of paper in their possession that they paid a dollar for just a few days ago, that is now worth 95 million dollars.

Who is this person?  We may not find out for some time because the winner can basically go into hiding for a year before they reveal themselves.  But I have so many questions. 

Did they know when they went to sleep on Wednesday night that they hit the Powerball?  When I play these kinds of lottery games, more often than not I forget I even played and usually check a day or so later.  Also,  I wonder if they found out there was a winner the next day but didn't know it was them.  Did they nearly have a heart attack when they grabbed their ticket and immediately matched the first few numbers knowing full well they won 95 bleeping million dollars.

Are they a regular customer or someone who was just passing through town?  I'd say with pretty much certainty that it's a guy who the folks at Minogue's see on a regular basis.  I can hear the cashier now, "He's in here at least 2-3 times a week.  Nice guy...always asks for a quick pick.  Quiet, hard-working."

Of course none of this has any basis for truth, but I've spent a shit-ton of time thinking about who won the type of life-changing money that makes you nearly as wealthy as a country star with a 25 career.  Think Tim McGraw, he's worth about 85 million dollars according various sources.

In my head, I have the person pegged as a blue collar worker, drives a truck, somewhere in his late 40's or mid-50's.  He's around 6' 2" roughly 215 lbs and this dude popped into Minogue's in Malta on his way home from a long day on the job.  Perhaps to grab a Slim Jim and a  Coke and of course a Powerball quick pick.

Is he the type to keep working or retire?  What will he spend it on?  I've obsessed over all this stuff because I'm equal parts fascinated and equal parts jealous as heck.

Who was the first person he called?  If he's anything like 85 million dollar country star that he's nearly worth as much as, the answer is pretty obvious.

Surely he called Mama.

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