I gave Sean this junk food run down this morning and he only voted "Yea" to one of these new tasty treats that are coming to a store or restaurant near you this summer.  How many of them sound good to you?

1. SPAGHETTI PIE - Olive Garden  It looks like a big slice of cheesecake, only it's made with noodles and a ton of cheese.  And it comes in two flavors . . . Meatball Deep Dish and Chicken Alfredo.

2.  BLUEBERRY PIE OREOS - They use graham cracker cookies and blueberry cream, but they'll only be available at Target.

3. FRUITY CRISP OREOS - They use graham cracker cookies and vanilla cream with little pieces of a cereal that resemble Fruity Pebbles mixed in.  They'll only be on sale at grocery stores.

4.  WHITE CHOCOLATE TWIX BARS - are coming out in October. (Sean's pick)

5.  HAZELNUT SNICKERS -  coming in December.  They still have peanuts inside, but the hazelnuts are mixed in with the chocolate.

So, what do you think?  Are gonna try any of these new goodies?

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