I love Oreo cookies, but lately I think they have been getting too cute with the flavor concoctions. Now I am excited to announce that they are coming out with one that I know I will absolutely love and you will too. I have tried many of the different flavors of Oreos, and for the most part, the new ones have been gross. I tried kettle corn, cherry cola, cotton candy and other weird flavors and they were kind of disgusting. Well Oreo has announced they will be unveiling "Most Stuf Oreos".

Here's what's great, for me, about this cookie. It's everything we love about the Oreo but with a ton of the delicious, original flavor filling. It's perfect! According to People.com, this Oreo will contain three times the filling as the original Oreo. This will be the biggest filled Oreo to date. They had the Double Stuf, the Mega Stuf and now the mother of all Oreo Stufs, the Most Stuf. Hopefully they will be out soon. I can't wait to try them.

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