If you live in the Town of Clifton Park, you will have a community pool to bring your family beginning in June. Last year pools were limited due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This year officials are optimistic that they will be able to have a full season. However, there are some setbacks according to News 10 ABC.

There hasn't been lifeguard training and recertification classes offered because of the pandemic until now so Town of Clifton Park officials are worried that their returning lifeguards won't be recertified in time. Because COVID is still around and training classes are smaller, they aren't sure if the lifeguards will be certified to cover the pools.

When the pools open in June, they are hoping to offer swim lessons but there are some issues that come along with them. The level of training needed to teach swim lessons has not been achieved by their lifeguards. If the Town of Clifton Park is able to offer the lessons they will let residents know which classes are available.

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The rules will be followed in accordance with the town and the New York State guidelines. Visitors will be asked to wear a mask unless they are sitting near the pool or getting into the pool. Visitors will also have to remain at a safe distance from others inside the pool grounds. The kiddie pools, diving boards, and slides will all be open. Pool chairs and benches will also be available.

Town of Clifton Park residents can enjoy the pools from noon until 8 pm each day. Closing time will be extended until 8:30 sometime in late June. The town pools are expected to close on August 22nd. Depending on staffing, they may stay open later.

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