Rumor has it, National Guard MAY be ending their relationship with Dale Jr. and NASCAR!

Rumors are flying all over the place that the National Guard may end their long standing relationship with NASCAR.  What does that mean for Jr.?  Well, lets take a look at the racing facts:

Junior has made the Chase each of the last three years, AND he won the Daytona 500 this year.  But in the 15 years National Guard has been with Jr., he has never won a championship.  With new leadership in the Guard and the fact that not one person has enrolled in the guard at a NASCAR event, it’s not out of nowhere this rumor is spreading!

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So, what does a race team do when faced with the possibility of their sponsors leaving?  You have to be ahead of the game, and that is just when Rick Hendricks is doing.  Over the last few weeks, partnership announcements have been made with Nationwide Insurance and DC Entertainment, YES the DC Superheroes, and have you noticed all the new Mtn. Dew commercials?  They seem to stepping up to the plate with their sponsorship!

I like this one with Brantley Gilbert.

Now, not that I don’t like the above mentioned sponsors, I just wonder if someone else will step up and enter NASCAR and support the 88 car.

Say, Twisted Tea.  Who wouldn’t like to see that car out there?  Maybe they will choose Jr.  Oh and what if they gave you the chance to enter your photo on their CAR, you know like they do on their bottles?

Then maybe there’s the Shutterfly car, they could run the same kind of photo contests!

The sponsorships for Jr. are probably lining up.  After all, he is looking good to win many races this season (insert McMaster Curse).

But I like playing the “what sponsor would you like to see” game.  So, who do you think should put their money in Jr. and NASCAR?