Joyce Mitchell, the woman at the center of the Dammemora prison break, will go before the New York State Parole Board this week.

I am sitting here wondering how she could possibly be up for parole. This woman helped two extremely dangerous and violent criminals run amok in our communities. I just wonder if the message we want to send to correctional officers who find themselves in this same situation is, "Eh if you get caught you could out in 2 years".

It seems like yesterday we were glued to our TV’s and Twitter feeds waiting for the latest information on the upstate New York prison break, right?  Believe it or not, it’s been almost two years since Joyce Mitchell helped the two inmates escape from Dannemora Prison.  And now that means she is up for Parole.

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Mitchell’s parole hearing will be held sometime this week at Bedford Hills Correctional Facility.  The parole board does not release the exact day of parole hearings.

Knowing what we know; Mitchell was sentenced to seven years in prison after pleading guilty for her role in helping Richard Matt and David Sweat escape from the prison where she worked.  Her role included providing the inmates tools including hacksaw blades and a screwdriver bit, to cut through the walls.  She was supposed to drive the men out of the country, but changed her mind.  Is it time for her to be paroled?

Matt was shot and killed by police, Sweat was shot and captured by state police after three weeks on the run.

Does two years in jail fit the crime?  What do you think?


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