Keeping in the spirit of holiday, we took a little walk with Josh Turner down memory lane and asked him about some of his childhood Christmas toy memories.  Turns out, one was quite painful; but he was comfortable enough to share it with us.

Moments before Josh Turner wowed the crowd at WGNA's Jingle Jam last week with his smooth, deep voice and his catchy and relatable songs, he sat down with the GNA morning show. He was more than happy to do a little X-Mas diddy with us and even he talked about some not-so-pleasant memories growing up.  This wasn't exactly Dr. Phil stuff, we kept it pretty light.  But he did disclose why he wasn't exactly the 'cool kid' in the neighborhood and it had to do with toys.  While everyone had Atari's, Josh had a game console that, quite frankly, none of us had ever heard of before.  Painful at the time I'm sure, but Josh is apparently over it and doin' just fine!


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