As I have mentioned many times, I am a fan of Big and Rich. When I found out that John Rich was gonna be one of the stars of this year's Celebrity Apprentice I was pretty psyched. He has an over the top personality and is just a very likeable kind of guy.

Watching the last few weeks, John has been one of those guys who contributes alot to the tasks at hand. He always stands out as far as I'm concerned. Especially last night's episode, The teams had to come up with a branding campaign for the company Camping World,  when John being the songwriter that he is started to come up with a really catchy jingle. 2 of his teammates Richard Hatch and Jose Canseco started to criticize the tune because it sounded "Hickish and Countryish" as well as "Backwards". This did not sit well with John as he went off saying:

"I will not be happy if anybody stereotypes my audience as low intelligence, or folks that can't think or have their own money,and if anybody in this van wants to step up on that subject I will be more than happy to square off with you about it. Please be careful when talking about my audience. Be careful about how you bring it up. Do not disrespect country music fans. To keep harmony on this team, do not challenge the intelligence of my audience."

After that statement, I think he has every Country Music fan in the country behind him to win the whole damn show. Just because you are a fan of country music, you don't lose IQ points. There are so many fans of our genre out there,(seeing that WGNA is always #1 there has to be!). John knows it because of the great fans out there that he gets to do what he does best! I am truly proud to be a country music fan and truly proud of John Rich for defending us!!