Who would ever think that you could get hooked on a show about fishing?  (no pun intended).  If you haven't  DISCOVERED it yet, you should. We had the chance to shoot the breeze with John Hillstrand (one of the Hillstrand Brothers)  and Captain Sig from the Discovery Channel's "Deadliest Catch" today, and you can hear it right here if you missed it. In case you've never seen the show, we'll start with a YOU TUBE clip here to give you a sense of it.  This one actually features Captain "Sig".

The guys were here to promote their live show at the Palace Theatre in Albany. (Sorry, it was tonite!)  I'm dying to know how that went.  If anyone attended, please comment below!

Now onto the radio interview from this morning.

Hope you enjoyed that.  And even though Sig would never promote my  piano playing, I'll still promote the  Deadliest Catch website in case you'd like to see more ! Wow, rough crowd!

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