In October, following Joey Feek's diagnosis with terminal cancer, Joey + Rory uprooted their lives, left their Tennessee farmhouse and have been living in Joey Feek's hometown in Indiana, to be close to her family. With Joey Feek in home hospice care, their day-to-day lives have changed drastically, but every day -- especially every holiday -- that she continues to stay alive is a gift. Especially Valentine's Day.

In a new blog post, Rory Feek writes that while his and his wife's Valentine's Day 2016 plans aren't what he wishes they would be, they will be special nonetheless.

The Feeks' very first date occurred on Valentine's Day in 2002, at a work event that Joey Feek invited her now-husband to attend with her.

"That night must’ve gone pretty well …," Rory Feek reflects, "because two months later, we were engaged, and two months after that, Joey and I were married."

Feek says that his perfect plan for Valentine's Day this year -- their 14th together -- would be a romantic dinner by candlelight, at their home in Tennessee -- "but those things aren't able to happen this year."

"Neither Joey, nor I, have laid eyes on our farmhouse back in Tennessee since the middle of October," Feek explains. "On top of that, Joey’s illness hasn’t allowed her to be able to eat much of anything for some time now, and she sleeps most of the days and nights away."

However, his new plan sounds even more romantic: a virtual walk down memory lane, through photos and video that Feek has saved on his computer.

"I want to take her back to where our lives first began together, and relive this beautiful journey that God has taken us on … from that first song she heard me sing at the Bluebird Cafe, to the last one we sang together as we stood on stage and took our final bow … to the songs that she will leave behind here on Earth and the ones she will soon sing for eternity to our sweet Lord in that heavenly choir up yonder," Feek writes. "... That, and I’m hoping for a few soft kisses.

"The passion for each other that Joey and I once had has been replaced by the sweetest, gentlest kisses," he adds. "I live for those kisses. They are enough."

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