Forget t-shirt time. It's now Italian sub time for DJ Pauly D.

Yes, that's right. The king of GTL (That's Gym, Tan, Laundry for the Jersey Shore uninitiated) is the latest celebrity to get behind their own ghost kitchen. Pauly D's Italian Subs recently launched numerous locations across the United States and is now operating out of 120 West Avenue in Saratoga Springs, the same building that is home to the Kaffee House. So does that mean it's now Gym, Tan, Laundry, Subs - GTLS? Maybe so as Pauly D has joined several other celebrities who have Capital Region ghost kitchens, including Guy Fieri.

So maybe the next time you are at a late-night gathering in Saratoga Springs, maybe  Pauly D's catchphrase of 'cabs are here' will be replaced with cries of 'subs are here.' And maybe "t-shirt time" will become "t-pesto time" for Pauly's turkey pesto sub. Either way, another celebrity ghost kitchen has arrived.

So what does the term 'ghost kitchen' mean? The Pauly D's menu is prepared at this location but you will not see a storefront and you cannot walk in to pick up food. Pauly D's is only available for delivery via GRUBHUB. So if you live in the delivery radius for this location you can enjoy Pauly D's subs.

The menu from Pauly D's is everything you would expect from your classic New York or New Jersey area deli.  Italian subs, turkey, roast beef, and more make up what is a pretty tasty-looking sandwich menu. Pauly D's also offers salads, sides like potato and macaroni salads, cannolis, and more.


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