Guy Fieri isn't the only celebrity whose name is attached to an Albany ghost kitchen.

You have not seen them, but ghost kitchens are here in the Capital Region. Before this week, they were were invisible to me (Sorry, I couldn't help myself - I had to put that bad pun in here). But with the arrival of Guy Fieri's Flavortown Kitchen, I became aware of this sometimes celebrity-driven phenomenon. It's basically the creation of a menu, sometimes endorsed by someone famous, and those dishes are then produced by 'for hire' kitchens. Basically, these new restaurant brands will be produced as an add-on in existing restaurant kitchens and made available by delivery or take-out only.

Maybe it is not a new concept, but I am sure one that is being driven now by our delivery/take-out centered reality during the pandemic. And as you will see below, several have celebrity power behind them like Guy, well-known rapper Tyga, and YouTube star Mr. Beast.

So let's get to it! Here are five Albany ghost kitchens you need to be aware of as we see this new restaurant model start to take off.  Coincidentally, all of there are operating their delivery only operations out of Buca Di Beppo on Wolf Road in Colonie. You can see all the menus and order from these virtual restaurants below at the Virtual Dining Concepts website. Happy dining!

5 Albany Ghost Kitchens You Need To Know About

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