I am so excited to see my friend James Wesley tonight at the G.E. theater at Proctors. It's funny that the guy who sings the hit song "Real" is one of the most real guys you will ever meet in the Country Music World.

James Wesley Facebook Page

I have had the pleasure of hanging out with James a few times, sometimes even to close down a few establishments for the night. While he may not be as much of a "party" guy as me, he is a great guy to be around. Despite having hits like "Real" and "Didn't I?" and a great new song which is an ode to the American Farmer, aptly named, "Thank A Farmer", he is just a guy with the same passions as the rest of us.

In the past we have talked about the jobs we have done when we were not able to follow our "callings" as it were. And I can tell you James would probably be just as comfortable working on your house or car as he is with a guitar. And I think I really love the idea that he loves it all.

James Wesley Facebook Page

He is just like his hit , "Real", he just works hard, loves his family and friends, and is truly one of the "good guys". I am proud that I call him a friend.  I really hope that all of you get out to his show tonight, I know you will feel the same way I do. You can get all the ticket info in this post that Jake wrote.

Here is James on the show when we called him this morning at his hotel, I think after hearing it, you will better understand what I mean about him. Enjoy the interview and make sure you come tonight!!