American muscle. It's back big time. The big car show is going on now in New York City when the top manufacturers are unveiling what we will see new for 2014 and a true American classic is back thanks to Chevrolet. They are bringing back the Z28 Camaro for 2014. The photo I used is a fire engine red 1979 Z28 that is exactly like the one I use to own with 1 exception. The wheels on the one in the picture are aftermarket. I acutally had the stock factory red Rally rims on mine. I am starting to save my pennies now. I found a picture of the new 2014 Z28 Camaro, but it is so new that I couldn't legally use it in this story. I did find some very AWESOME pictures of it on Google Images and you can see them here. OMG!!!!!!! I'm going to be buying a lot of Powerball tickets. I have to have one. Any Z28 Camaro fans out there?