Everyone loves it when a superstar surprises a fan with something special and this a great example of doing just the right thing, for just the right person. Jeff has a "Superfan" named Loraine who got to meet Jeff earlier this year at Sonoma Raceway. It was there that Loriane asked Jeff to sign her tag for her 2003 Special Edition Jeff Gordon Chevrolet Monte Carlo and she explained that it was all that she could save of the car because she lost it in a fire. Now, if you don't know ANYONE who has one of these Jeff Gordon Monte Carlos absolutely loves them and they treasure them, including Jeff Gordon himself, so he told her how bad he felt and did indeed autograph her tag for her.

The story was far from over though because yesterday he was able to surprise her by giving her his very own 2003 Jeff Gordon Monte Carlo. That's right, he flew her from San Francisco under the guise of helping her find another one that she could get at an affordable price. I'm sure he had told her that someone had found one at a local dealership and she should come and look at it, she did. That is when she got the surprise of a lifetime.

Jeff explains to her that not only is he giving her a car, he is giving her his personal car. Imagine? When you watch the video it is so funny that Jeff doesn't even realize that the car means so much less to her than the fact that it is HIS PERSONAL car. Jeff just keeps going on about what good shape it's in and how low the mileage is.

Check it out: