Apparently what you eat if you are a guy has a lot to do with your ability to impregnate your significant other. After reading up on this subject I may be able to point you down the dietary "Utopia" of fertility thanks to MSN. If your wife has been asking for a baby and for some reason things just aren't taking the natural course head out to dinner and order the following.

First start with a nice salad, with lots of cucumbers and tomatoes. Veggies are great for the men and their baby making abilities.

Then order a nice salmon for your entree. The Omega acids in fresh fesh will get the "numbers" up in your favor.

Then for dessert order some fresh fruit like melon and bananas with some blueberries.

You are rocking the menu of "love" now.

What is a sure fire way to make your "swimmers" drown? Don't drink soda.

If your wife is reading this you'll know because you'll hear her heading to the fridge and pouring that 6 pack of Coke down the drain.

Remember, above all that practice makes perfect.

I have 5 kids, I should know. Bon appetit' and good luck on your future tax deductions.

Got any fertiility tips to share, I would love to hear them.


Big Poppa

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