Motion picture and martial arts superstar Jackie Chan is not dead! If you don't believe me, here's the story from Fox 23 News. Its truly a sad day in the world when you have to prove you're not dead. The internet is good, and as in Jackie Chan's case just pure evil.

I hope this never happens to me. If it did though I would feel obligated to let my 287 Facebook friends know that I was in fact still alive. Most would be happy to hear the news, a few may be upset, and at least a dozen would probably drink heavily after receiving news that I was indeed alive and kicking. Let Jackie know you too are happy he is still alive and like him on Facebook here and leave him a happy comment.

If Gadaffi posted on his Facebook that he was still alive, millions would be mad and leave him some "inappropriate" posts. How about Derek Jeter? I'm sure millions of New Yorkers and millions of his ex-girlfriends that he's racked up like knick knacks over the years would be happy when he jumped on Facebook and said "I'm still alive". Red Sox fans would probably be angry.

Fortunately we don't have to deal with that today, and fortunately my main man who kicked some serious tail in "Rumble In the Bronx" is still alive and literally kicking! Jackie Chan lives.