Did you know that YouTube is 18-years-old already? It seems like just yesterday when my buddy was telling me about this site where you can see any video that you can think of. Old Yankees games, TV shows from the 80's, literally anything you can imagine.

New York is a huge state filled with many occasions and locations to capture of video but what if we narrow the search down to the Capital Region? Here are the Top 10 'Albany' videos on YouTube.

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I simply searched 'Albany' on YouTube and let the algorithms do their thing. What I found is a wide variety of topics and video subjects. Here are the results of the Top 10 Most Viewed 'Albany' videos on YouTube.

#10 - 66K Views - BARSTOOL SPORTS  - Dave Portnoy pizza review of Paesan's Pizza in Albany

#9 - 70K Views - KING YELLOWMAN - 2017 Albany Concert

#8 - 70K Views - UFO - 2002 raw footage of an alleged UFO over Albany

#7 - 75K Views - ALBANY HOODS - New York State Capital

#6 - 80K Views - MONSTER JAM - MVP Arena 2023

#5 - 94K Views - N SYNC - July 12, 2000 - Albany Concert


#3 - 182K Views - BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN - 'Save the Last Dance' 2014 in Albany

#2 - 516K Views - FIRST DANCE WEDDING DANCE TIPS - Dancin' David and Dawn, Albany

#1 672K Views - WWE  - End of Smackdown, April 2022 at MVP Arena, Albany

What does this mean for the Capital Region? It means we have varied taste from Monster Trucks to UFO's and we'd like to know how to dance?

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