The New York Giants had a remarkable season in 2022.

Expectations were tempered, to say the least, entering Brian Daboll's first season as head coach. The team overachieved from the get-go, making an improbable run to the playoffs, where they won a road game against the No. 3 seed, the Minnesota Vikings.

All of that is now history, unfortunately, and now, the true work begins to ensure that 2022 was no fluke for Big Blue.

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GM Joe Schoen Weighs Decisions for New York Giants Ahead of 2023 Season

Most fans of the New York Giants do not envy the position that their team's GM, Joe Schoen, is currently in. Schoen has a number of critical roster decisions to make entering his second season at the helm, decisions that will define the direction of the franchise for years to come.

You have to decide if long-time Giants are worth keeping in the mix, and if they are, how much money they deserve based on past performances, and future expectations.

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Many of the Giants' key pieces of their magical 2022 season are eligible for new deals: Daniel Jones, Saquon Barkley, Dexter Lawrence and Julian Love to name a few.

With Jones and Barkley, you have the chance to define how your offense will operate moving forward. Are you a pass-first team, or a ground-and-pound group, or a mix of the two? On the other end, Lawrence and Love will help lock down both aspects of your defense (pass rush, pass defense) if you're able to find the middle ground for new deals.

Let's take a look at ten contract decisions facing Joe Schoen and the New York Giants, each of which will help define the future of the franchise in 2023 and beyond.

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