New York is known for great food festivals, and the best of the best is right in Albany's backyard.

When it comes to having great food from a variety of backgrounds, New York is known as a crossroads for all kinds of amazing cuisines, especially in New York City. And the Capital Region is known for its diverse menu of food options as well, with its own pockets of specialties throughout the tri-cities.

When it comes to great food festivals, the options are just as diverse, flavorful, and plentiful. There is no shortage of events throughout the Empire State to tickle the taste buds, and one of the most unique of them all has been named the best in the state by the foodie experts at Eat This, Not That.

A Cauliflower Food Festival Is The Best In New York?

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When Eat This, Not That set out to determine the best food festival in every state, they knew they would be locking in on events that typically celebrate the best of one lane of food. It does not get more specialized than a festival featuring cauliflower!

Google Maps Street View
Google Maps Street View

Marageretville, New York is a small village in the Catskills that is about a 90-minute drive from Albany and his home to what the website calls New York's best food festival: The Margaretville Cauliflower Festival!

You betcha! Here is what Eat This, Not That had to say about the fest:

Forget the New York Wine and Food Festival and head to the Margaretville Cauliflower Festival. The annual September festival celebrates all things cauliflower, festival-goers can taste creative dishes and buy super fresh cauliflower that's just been picked from the farm.

The festival will be held Saturday, September 23rd this year. Yes, there is cauliflower for sale, but also a whole lot of food vendors, shopping, live music, and more!

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