This little dtty took many many creative twists and turns by our ever clever listeners. The title is "Nobody Cares".

This time I didn't try to influence the song one bit.  Whatever was submitted (within reason)  we used, including our very own Dave the Producer mentioning that the lyrics sounded like something that Frank Sinatra would sing.   Here was your creation!

Another great effort.  Thanks for taking the time out of your morning to play along with us!

Nobody Cares About You

and the drama that you spew

 you're an obnoxious and rude
 housewife from the New York City Crew
you put everyone down
you make them feel like a clown
i thought it was true love I found
til you started sleeping around
so you can go take a hike
cuz I got a real babe on the back of my bike
I'm retired and I sit around all day
and I listen to GNA
Want to hear some of your past hits?

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