That's right. Today is your day! How are you celebrating? I've got a challenge for you.

I've got to admit ladies, I didn't know that today was a holiday. I apologize for not knowing, but I promise I won't forget again.

As for you men out there, you better mark this date on your calendars or future reference. Also, you better treat a lady special today.

Here's my challenge for you men. I want you to do something nice or compliment a woman today. I suppose you could take the easy way out and pick your mom, girlfriend, wife or even a sibling but I'd rather you didn't. You see, they already have their own dedicated days like mothers day, Valentine's day and even siblings day.

I want you to compliment a stranger or a coworker. No, cat calling does not count! Make it sincere guys.

Maybe go out of your way to help a lady today. Be a gentleman. Hold the door. Maybe even put your coat over a puddle. Or how about this one, just recognize that awesome work they're doing.

Be creative and do something nice for a lady today..

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