Great deli's are focused on great meats. Saratoga's newest deli is shaping up to be great.

There is nothing like a great sandwich or sub that is just overloaded with great deli meat. And that is what a new deli opening in downtown Saratoga Springs is all about.

Fat Paulie's will open at 92 Congress street this Friday, November 23rd according to a Saratoga Living story. The great thing about Paulie's will be the main ingredient in their sandwiches. Saratoga Living says the new deli will serve " meats and deli sandwiches..." and owner Jason Friedman told the magazine their "...ingredients and cooking techniques..." will be what set's this new deli apart from the rest.

Growing up in the shadow of New York City I like to consider myself a little bit of a foodie when it comes to great sandwiches. Great bread is always key, as is the right balance of bread, meat and toppings. But what really sets a great sandwich apart from the rest are great meats. I actually use to work in a deli growing up in New Jersey that made their own roast beef, and sourced other deli meats. That roast beef was far and above the most popular sandwich I made in my time there because it was always freshly cooked and tasted amazing. The homemade touch made a difference!

I can't wait to try out Fat Paulie's and dive in to a great sandwich. You can read the full Saratoga Living story here.

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