Politicians make me sick just as much as the next guy, but we have to remember they are people too. What do you think about this "Slap Hillary Clinton" game that popped up on  http://thehillaryproject.com/?

Some are saying that this game promotes violence against women. Politics is a very sensitive topic for many people, but isn't a game like this just fueling the fire?

While many people are calling for a ban on the game, conservatives are fighting back. Many people claim that nothing was done to take down a "slap Sarah Palin" game that emerged on the web during her run for vice president in 2008, so why take down the Hillary Clinton game?

Maybe the game is just a game. Maybe we are only making this organization's message louder by reacting so harshly to it.

I have went to the website and played the game, and personally, I think the game is not to be taken seriously in the first place. It's stupid, poorly animated, and clearly shows the maturity of this organization.

Should this game be taken down?