Is it rude to get married on a Holiday? Take a look at this story I found and let Bethany and me know your thoughts Monday morning when we talk about it on the show.

The other day, I saw a USA Today article suggesting that it might be rude to get married on a holiday.  As someone who got married on a holiday, I clicked because I thought to myself was I rude and didn’t know it?

Turns out, there are holidays that people think should be off limits to weddings.  Mine, thankfully, was not one of them!  Phew. The winter holiday season is a popular proposal time, so I thought I would help those who get engaged this year and guide you so you don’t pick one of these holidays to get married on:

Christopher Furlong
Christopher Furlong

Christmas – The worst pick!  The weekend before Christmas is so stressful, why add a wedding?

July 4th weekend - The second worst pick for a wedding.  It’s hot, it’s beautiful, there are fireworks and many people plan weekends away!

Thanksgiving – Third worst pick.  People are tired, it’s a long prep week for those who host.

Labor Day/Memorial Day – Not the worst not the best pick – Lots of families plan long weekends away to celebrate the start and end of Summer.

New Year’s Eve – It’s a go!!  I had to add this because it was my wedding day!!  People say it’s a party night, so why not dress up and party with all your friends and family!  We did!

So, there is my advice to all you getting married next year.  Choose wisely!

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