He's a Judge in Montana.  He's District Judge G Todd Baugh.  I guess he has no filter.  He should see if he can find one!  Check out what he (allegedly)  said in a courtroom, no less, and then I have a poll question.

According to the Daily Mail (from England, ironically), this judge sentenced a 21 year old who worked at Burger King for shooting out 100 car windows with a BB gun.  He had to pay $13,000 back in addition to some possible jail time.

When asked where he was working to pay this off, he said "Burger King".  The response from the judge?  "Why don't you get a REAL job?".

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I guess here's the big question.  Do any of you work at a fast food establishment or know someone who does?   Here is my quick and dirty poll question.  Do you consider it a REAL JOB?  If you were dating someone and he said he worked at Burger King would you be ashamed? Would you not care either way?  Would you be thankful that he/she was employed at all?  Leave your comments below.

Sorry but I have to get back to my morning radio job.  (Is THAT a real job?)