I'm not an Apple product hater.  I actually really like their stuff, but at some point you have to say enough is enough.  I remember buying my first cell phone over 20 years ago.  I have no idea how much I paid for it, but whatever it was, I felt like it was worth it.  It was technology that I felt like I couldn't live without.  Yesterday,  Apple unveiled details about their new iPhone X (as in 10, not the letter) that will be available in October for pre-purchase.  It's a $1000 cell phone that zero people actually need, but many will buy.

Let's go back even further, say 30 years ago.  Cell phones were built like bricks, got moderate reception and seemed to be owned only by the wealthy.  It was a true luxury item and priced that way; you'd pay thousands for them. It was futuristic technology that made us feel connected, space age, and safe.  There was tremendous value in having a cell phone. Somewhere along the long, cell phones became less about functionality and more about fashion.  I'll never forget talking to my teenage nephew a few years back who told me that some kids in high school would get teased in school for having outdated cell phones. Now, everyone has a cell phone, and most of us have phones far more advanced than for what we need them for.  Overpaying for cell phones is just a way of life these days.  The new iPhone (8, 8 Plus, and X) will offer a wider screen, more camera pixels, face recognition, and different color choices.  Heck, it could offer pizza and milkshakes for life, and it still isn't worth the price you end up paying for it. Ask yourself this: Will any of the new technology in the new phones really matter in your day to day life? Probably not.  But the again, do we really need $300 shoes and sneakers, $600 hand bags, 65 inch TV's, or $100,000 sports cars?

I guess we'll just let the geniuses at Apple decide for us.


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