For you folks who own an iPhone and are anxiously waiting to update their gadget to the latest and greatest that Apple has to offer (iOS 9), you might be noticing that it's not showing up on your phone yet.  I know why! 
So here's the deal.  The most current update right now is iOS 8.4.1 That's what was showing up on my phone as an option.  I have been waiting on this one because I heard that it causes problems connecting to wifi.   Therefore, it's been sitting idly in a totally depressed state waiting for "love".  The phone downloaded it automatically but I never installed it.

Many of you probably have the same dilemma.  You might not even know it was downloaded.  If so, you can't update to iOS 9 until you either delete the old one or install it.

Settings App

So here's what I did.  Follow my lead. Just go to SETTINGS -GENERAL-USAGE-MANAGE STORAGE….

Then scroll down and find "iOS 8.4.1" and hit delete.   Exit out of it and mosey on back to your home screen.  The next time you click SETTINGS, you will see the iOS 9 download and you are golden.

You're welcome...



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