Imagine this, you're walking alone and someone comes up behind you. You're holding your iPhone but can't get your passcode in or get to the place to dial 911. Thankfully, Apple has a little-known hack that helps you dial 911 faster.

You may have seen in the past couple of days on Facebook, this post going around. The internet is an untrusting place sometimes, things get shared and posted but you never know if they're true. I saw this going around, had to test it for myself and guess what? It really works!

I hit the Power button on my iPhone five times quickly in a row and all of a sudden it was automatically calling an emergency number. No worries if you're afraid of calling it by accident, it gives you 3 seconds to cancel it. Snopes has even said that it's proven to be true, depending on your operating system and settings. Make sure you share this with other iPhone users who have iOS 11 or higher, just in case. Either if you're in an unsafe situation or need assistance and can't get to your phone to type in the number-better safe than sorry!

The way it works:

  1. You hit your Power button 5 times, quickly, in a row.
  2. This screen (below) comes up with a loud noise and you have 3 seconds to cancel it.
  3. After that, a call goes through for emergency assistance.
Jessica Sims/Townsquare Media
Jessica Sims/Townsquare Media

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