Man I gotta tell you, I don't know of anything that is growing as fast in the Capital District as yoga. My wife has given into the craze and is often trying to find yet another yoga class to go to. Her and her friends are always rating different instructors and classes. In fact I think a future blog should be "Best Places For Yoga In The Capital Region". I am sure many of you would want to hear those opinions. I however am NOT giving into the craze and am fine with Yogi Bear, some ice cream and my couch.

Despite my telling my wife that I have no plans on learning and doing yoga you would be surprised how much the conversation comes up. The other day when she was telling me how much I would like it our 5-year-old Caden surprised us both saying, "Daddy I can teach you yoga, we do it in school."

Okay, now this is the one instructor I think I can connect with and so I agreed to let him show me. I told him look I'm not doing "Hot" Yoga and I don't want to strain too much, just the basics.  Well fortunately for me, this was about all he could teach me.

I survived! I think this position is called "The Down Daddy."

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