I have a Witty Little Secret to share.   Well, not exactly.  I have an amazing blog that I want to share with you CALLED "Witty Little Secret".  And I took it a step further this time.  I'd like you to hear the author explain why she writes it and why, if you are a military spouse, you will thoroughly enjoy reading it regularly.

This is the website: wittylittlesecret.com.  I got interested in it after reading an article in Reader's Digest.  In fact, this is MY second blog about her blog!


This is a wonderful time of the year, as the song says.  But for military families, it can be especially emotional.  I'm sure Lori Volkman can tell you all about it, as she is a military spouse.  That's the basis of the blog, but there is much much more to it, so I decided to interview her.  This is the full interview, unedited.  Take a listen!

mp3 version

Hope you enjoyed the conversation.  I certainly did.  You have to applaud her efforts to bring a little levity into the lives of military families under often stressful situations.   Thanks again, Lori.  We salute your husband, you and everyone directly or indirectly connected with our armed forces protecting this country every day!

BTW- there's a great holiday song that we are playing that you may like to hear, speaking of our military.    Check out our operations manager,  Jake Thomas' blog here.