GNA Talked to Country Star Parker McCollum after a recent injury - that could have been serious -  forced him to cancel some shows, including the one tonight at Frog Alley in Schenectady. Listen to the interview here:

Country music star Parker McCollum was scheduled to perform on Wednesday night at GNA's "Heartstings for Hope Show" at Frog Alley in Schenctady, but a recent injury will prevent him from playing the guitar anytime soon, and forced him to cancel tonights benefit concert for St. Jude.

McCollum, the singer/songwriter known for top country hits "To Be Loved by You" and "Pretty Heart" has agreed to come back and do the show next month, and all fans with tickets can use them on the make-up date, June 21st.

Brian and Chrissy in the Morning on 1077 WGNA spoke to McCollum on Wednesday morning, just a day or so after it was revealed that he suffered an injury to his finger tossing a football around with some of his buddies.

"I thought I just jammed it which I've done a million times before - but this wasn't healing," he told the GNA Morning Show.

But after the father of one of his best friends took a look at it, McCollum knew it was pretty serious.

"Man, you have a mallet finger," he said. "You better get that in a splint or have surgery ASAP or you won't be able to use it for the rest of your life!"

The doctor confirmed the "mallet finger" and now, the country crooner has a custom-made splint that he can't take off at any point in time for 8 weeks, something he never thought would be the case after jamming a finger.

"I play catch all the time on the road, one-handed, behind the back, and I ride horses and dirtbikes, and this is a bummer...I'm trying to write the biggest album of my career right now and I can't play guitar until July 12th," McCollum told the morning show.

But did he make the catch?

"I did," the Odell Bechkam Jr. wannabee told GNA

When asked about performing without a guitar, McCollum admitted that things are going to be different as some artists feel naked on stage without an instrument.

"I only have a few moves on stage, so I'm going to have to use those sparingly," he joked.

"I've been watching some Garth videos," he told us, referring to the country legend,  notorious for having a guitar with him on stage, even though he admits to rarely actually playing it.

"I use a guitar to hide my gut,” Brooks says, poking fun at himself. “That’s the whole reason I own a guitar.”

When pressed by the morning show what McCollum will do if he wants flip someone off, McCollum fired back as if he'd been preparing for that exact question.

"Well now," he explained, "I can just say I was showing them my splint!"

If you have your tickets to the original May 18th date, hold on to them - they will be honored on the new date. If you cannot make the new date on June 21st, email to request a refund.

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