It's the holiday season, and I can't think of a time of year that's tougher on families than the military ones.  I'm sure they would love to read stories of folks in the same boat as they are in.  Well, there's a great site that I stumbled upon that needs to be shared: 

The site is called "WittyLittleSecret", and it's for military spouses to share stories and frustrations.  It was started by Lori Volkman, who is a lawyer from the state of Washington who started an online diary after her husband got deployed.  It spread like wildfire, and I guess it's now my goal to spread it further!

You can also check this out on her WittyLittleSecret Facebook page.   I guess I could go on and on here, paraphrasing everything that is on the site, but it's better to read it from the people involved, so I will just end here.

I will add one last comment though, if you'll permit.  There is so LITTLE done in this country for military vets   It's nothing new.  They complained about the same thing in the 60's with Vietnam, and the complaints were quite justified.

Any kind of service like this should be welcomed, encouraged, and supported by the public, so I'm just trying to do my patriotic duty here (and this shouldn't be a secret!)

Happy Thankgsiving to everyone fighting for this country, and the families as well.  And by the way, we at Townsquare Media are especially committed to military families.  If you'd like to donate to help them, please check out our special Townsquare Cares website.