This tragedy just occurred today out on Long Island.  A few carnival rides (bounce houses) caught a huge updraft and literally blew across a field.  And there were 13 injuries!

According to

A heavy gust of wind blew away inflatable bounce houses with children inside at a New York soccer event, leaving 13 people injured, authorities said late Saturday.

This is the video captured by a parent who was ready to record her child in the bounce house.  This is from News 12 on Long Island.

I find it kind of ironic, given that our very own John Stanley (legendary weekend WGNA jock) just posted a blog talking about safety at amusement parks.  This is a little bit different of course, because who would possibly even THINK of something like this happening?  I guess injuries were minor, or at least as of this writing.  But I can't imagine the lawsuits coming out of THIS event.  And if it were MY kid in there, I'd be the first in line.  You mean to tell me there are no saftey precautions taken by the company who erected these things?  Did they just plop them down, blow them up with a hair drier, and then go to lunch?   I'm sure more info will surface.

After seeing this, will you keep kids off of these things in the future, or will you just consider this a freak of nature?  And after they show the video 4,376 more times on CNN, will you be more convinced THEN?  Would love to know?

(By the way, the picture above  was not necessarily the company who made the bounce house.  I was just trying to find a picture to show what they look like! )