The Arms Fair has been a biannual event at the Saratoga City Center, but will it happen again in 2017?

David Petronis of Mechanicville's New Eastcoast Arms Collector Associates said that last months vote by the Saratoga Springs Democratic Committee to ban gun shows in the city has made it so he has to find a new location for the event.

Petronis says, "I think I'm being discriminated against. What can I say, it's a shock." After he attempted to book the City Center for his Arms Fair for 2017 and was told no dates were available.

This also comes after the resolution, which was unanimously passed by the committee had requested the Saratoga Springs City Council to debate the ban; the debate never happened.

While she can't speak for the City Center itself, Mayor Joanne Yepsen did say that "gun shows don't fit in" to the vision she has for Saratoga Springs adding "It's a different world out there. We don't want anything negative to happen as a result of a purchase of a firearm here."

What do you think? Is this too far of a step? Do you feel like your rights are violated in any way by not allowing the event at the center?

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