I'm not a movie critic but am I missing something or does this movie just suck? This is "Nick's Bargain Bin Review".

I realize that lately with the Oscars and all we've been talking about the greatest movies of the year but that doesn't change the fact the some movies are atrocious.

I'd like to high light a movie that just sucks.

To be clear, I got this movie out of the bargain bin at local place that sells DVD's.I paid $4.00 plus applicable tax for this DVD. It's not even worth forty cents in my opinion. The only thing I can hope for is that someone builds a time machine before I day so I can go back in time and one day get my money back.

Until then I guess I just have to write a review.

The movie I'm talking about is called 'Memento'. What the heck did I just watch? I know the director, Christopher Nolan is known for making movies that are supposed to make you think but what the hell is this trash? I couldn't even finish this piece of trash. One of my friends said to "watch is backwards."

What the hell does that even mean? What are some other movies I should try next?

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