One week from today I will be entering "Disney World"  for the first time in my long, long life.  The family has been going down to Florida for the Daytona 500, for a few years now. Of course, we  get to enjoy the Florida weather and theme parks as well. So far I have been to Sea World and Universal Studios but have never in my life been to Disney.

That is where you come in. We have two days, I guess if we needed to we could add a day but for now we have planned two days to experience the wonderful world of Disney.


From what I understand there is A LOT to do there and you could probably spend a week seeing it all if thats what you were inclined to do. As I really don;t have that kind of time, I more or less want all of you who have been there before to tell me what parts you liked the best.

What are the things I just shouldn't miss? What rides are the best? Keep in mind that I also have four boys that have also never been to Disney, one 17, one 13, and one 16 months. Anything that would be specific to their ages would be welcome advice as well. I know you will all have some great input and I look forward to reading it. Just leave your ideas and suggestions below in the "comments" section, and thank you in advance, my friends.

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