I love watching HGTV on the weekends!  I play along as couples tour 3 homes and decide which one has paint colors that won't make them gag!  I live for hollering at the screen when they decide whether or not they can possibly live without quartz countertops!  Whatever, some people watch sports... I live vicariously through real estate shows!

If I wasn't on the radio, I would be a realtor! So I was thinking one day, how can I have the best of both worlds? That's when I called my girl Judi at RealtyUSA, and told her my idea!  Let's take one of our cameras on tours of Capital Region homes on the market!

Let's let people be nosy from their couch or their desk or even their cell phone right in their hand!

So, Judi recommended we check out a really adorable fixer upper in a top-rated school district in Glenmont!  Although it needed some TLC, it had beautiful river views and a great yard!  Super quiet and peaceful!

Here's the video -

What do you think??  Please leave your comments below or email me at Bethany@wgna.com and let me know what you think!  I plan on making more of these videos and if you think they could be done slightly better, shoot me your ideas!  Or if you have a house I've got to tour, let me know!

Although the house we toured isn't for sale anymore, Judi recommended another house at the same price point in the Bethlehem school district that would work well if you dig the one in the video!  CLICK HERE to check it out!

Special thanks to Judi Gabler and the entire Gabler team for being such big help!  And thanks to Jess Hudson for having lunch with me in the film and for editing us to near perfection!

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