I texted my sister, brother-in-law, and nephew after Thursday's promising update on Damar Hamlin. They’re all big Bills fans and I thought the news was timely and might brighten up their day.

It was me and three Bills fans going back and forth on this text chain about how much the city is going through and how they need some good news.
Fans Gather Outside Highmark Stadium Following Hospitalization of Buffalo Bills Player Damar Hamlin
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My nephew and bro-in-law are actually going to the Bills/Pats game this weekend, a gift from son to father for Christmas.
And what a game to be at. Historic.  It may feel a little different though -  I would imagine tailgates might be a little subdued.  Might be a few more hugs thrown around than footballs in the parking lot pre-game.
Man, you all have had it recently...
From the mass shooting over the summer, the most tragic blizzard in a hundred years, and now this with Damar Hamlin, I don’t know how y’all do it
But somehow, from the other side of the state here in Albany, I feel like this is galvanizing, making Bills Mafia stronger, angrier, and hungrier.
It’s good to be a Bills fan now, but that hasn’t always been the case.
As a Cowboys fan, you and I go way back. But since then, neither team has done jack.
But Bills fans are different than Cowboys fans - Dallas fans are mostly annoying, and Bills fans can be too; that silly SHOUT song and the constant “Jasshhhh Ahhhhlinnnn” talk.
PS. We all know how great he and your team is you don’t have to send everyone highlight clips and superimposed photos of him jumping over beef on weck.
Buffalo Bills v Kansas City Chiefs
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Anyway, I digress.
Over the years, Bills fans have proven their mettle and their resolve - it's undeniable.  You cheer on that team no matter how sh*tty or demoralizing they are, show up in the freezing cold, 3 feet of snow, and even shovel your own seats just to be at the game.
Y’all are so tough, it’s one of the few places in the country OJ Simpson just blends right in. Even Takes selfies with kids and babies.
Miami Dolphins v Buffalo Bills
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I’m not knocking you, I'm kind of in awe.
And tough is only half of who you are.
Bills fans show a ridiculous amount of compassion for the other teams too - donating to the funds of opponents when they felt there was a need.
Nobody does that sh*t, but you do.   And you started a trend.   That's why when given a chance, the country did the same for Damar Hamlin donating millions to a toy drive he created for underprivileged kids in his hometown area.
Buffalo as a whole has endured a ton of pain over the last year, but still has a beating heart and keeps fighting. Kind of like a football player the world is praying for right now.
Once that game starts on Sunday, that stadium is going to be freaking electric. I hope the Bills win by a thousand -and they might.
And I hope that during the game an electronic message appears on the board from Damar Hamlin updating you on his continued progress, thanking you for your support and prayers and it fires you up even more.
And while I was texting my sis, bro in law, and nephew, it dawned on me.
Resolve. Mettle. Hunger. If ever a team, a fan base, a city, or a community deserved to win the Super Bowl, it’s the Buffalo Bills and their fanbase.
Now go get it!

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