I grew up chewing this gum all of the time when I played sports. I never really thought of the packaging that only featured cartoon drawn men. Now the company has repackaged their product to feature women. Everyone knows that the Big League Chew gum pouch has burly drawn male baseball players on it. I never thought twice about it until now when they decided to feature a female softball player on the pouch. I think it's pretty cool.

According to WNDU, Big League Chew has always been a gum for everyone. They say the new pouch that features a softball player is inspired by girls everywhere who play hard and dream big.

You can head over to Big League Chew's website to order the new pouches. If you would like to wait until they hit stores, you can pick them up on February 1st.

Big League Chew tweeted Friday that its new softball-inspired pouch is available for online purchase.

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